E-juice is a fluid that fuel an electronic cigarette. It provides the nicotine flavor, which creates a vapor to exhale. The vapor has a variety of flavors, which contain nicotine and some are nicotine-free. E-juice is a popular vapor, which is now widely used by millions of people.

E-juice is a highly qualified product to enjoy an E-Cigarette. The flavors range from- strawberry, fruity, raspberry, grape, citrus, cherry, cappuccino, cinnamon, watermelon, peach and many more. There are also names like prom queen, carnival, key-lime pie, vanilla dream and more flavors, which are very popular.

Many people enjoy the flavors and the vapors that come in five strengths- high, regular, light, extreme light and 0 mg nicotine. The e-juice contains 70% PG/VG to 50% PG/VG. It also contains PG or VG, which is non-toxic. They also appreciate the better solution other than smoking with 100% nicotine and the many chemicals that is used to produce and make a cigarette.

E-juice is also composed of five ingredients. Let's discuss them:

* Propylene Glycol, which is a solvent that produce the vapor.

* Vegetable Glycerin, which makes up 90% of the base of the e-juice.

* Nicotine- It has 2%, which is used if needed.

* Flavor- It has 10% of flavor, which is also used in candy or for baking.

* Distilled water- is used to dilute the vapors, if necessary.

E-juice is unique and suggested to use rather than a regular cigarette. Many people are saying that it helps them to wean off tobacco. They indicate that the non-toxic effects and the smooth tasting flavors are helpful for their goals to stop smoking. Others have said that their lungs work better, after they have used e-juice. For more info click on buy e juice.